Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura To Be Expelled From Jubilee Party

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Nominated Jubilee senator Isaac Mwaura is Facing a throw-out from his Jubilee party. Isaac Mwaura was sermoned by the party over allegations he supporting another party. Mwaura is a nominated senator representing people living with disabilities. According to the letter from the party, Mwaura declared his support for United Alliance Party (UDA) on 30th Dec 2020 where he publicly wore UDA branded materials. This is against the party’s rules. According to him, he is still loyal to the party and his expulsion has been politicized.  

Isaac Mwaura addressing the media at an earlier event. Source: Google

Mwaura earlier was accused of vandalizing opposition leader Raila Odinga’s rally at Githurai 45. Maura is said to have organized and paid hooligans to block Raila from speaking to residents in the area. On a video that was trending online, Mwaura was heard organizing on how youth will vandalize the rally.

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Isaac Mwaura Hired Goons To Disrupt Raila Odinga’s Campaign Yesterday At Githurai 45- Otiende Amollo

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Rarienda member of parliament Otiende Amollo has accused nominated senator Isaac Mwaura of causing mayhem at Githurai 45. Mwaura is believed to have hires goons from different areas to disrupt Raila’s Campaign. Otiende in an interview with Citizen Tv said that he has evidence on how Mwaura paid the goons. Otiende and Babu Owino had accompanied the ODM leader to urge youths to support BBI.

“There’s evidence that Isaac Mwaura personally organised that violence in Githurai…it’s illogical for Raila to hire goons to disrupt his own rally…Mwaura is a man I have respected, but now he is putting my respect to the test,” Otiende said

Hon. Otiende Amollo. source: Twitter 

On the other hand, Senator Isaac Mwaura said the accusations were fake and the goon came with Raila Odinga to neutralize William Ruto’s supporters. In a video that went viral on social media, Mwaura is heard clearly planning yesterday’s mayhem.

 “Githurai people are very peaceful, the goons you saw were hired from Baba Dogo by TJ Kajwang (Ruaraka MP) and Babu Owino (Embakasi East), they’re the ones who caused chaos,”


“We are ready to show them that we own Githurai” Mwaura said in a video that went viral before the campaign started

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