polycarp igathe and ann kananu

Polycarp Igathe Want To Reclaim His Position As Deputy Governor 2 Years After Resigning.

  • Polycarp Igathe
  • Mike Sonko
  • Ann Kanau
  • Mutula Kilonzo Jnr

Former Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe on Wednesday 27th, 2021 sent an affidavit letter seeking an opinion from the high court. According to Igathe who resigned from the office back in 2018, he didn’t receive any feedback from his then-boss Mike Sonko. Igathe resigned on basis that his boss was dishonest. Igathe wants the high court to determine what to do if the resignation letter was not accepted. According to lawmaker Mutula Kilonzo Jnr, There is no legal requirement to accept resignation from your employee. Igathes decision to move to court will have no impact on the current Deputy governor Ann Kananu. Ann Kananu is expected to become the next Nairobi governor after  Sonko was impeached late last year.


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