We Have No Ties With Karen Nyamu- Samidoh Responds

Kikuyu celebrity Samuel Muchoki AKA Samidoh denies the allegation that he is the father to Karen Nyamu's child. Talking to a local media house, Samidoh cleared the air saying people are only after ruining his legacy. Samido said that he was not present at Karen Nyamu's baby shower since he was outside Nairobi.   
Photo: Samidoh on right and her alleged baby mama, Lawyer Karen Nyamu on left.
Samidoh added that they have not seen each other for the past 3 months.  “I am surprised by the whole story, they claim I even attended her baby shower na sikua ata Nairobi. I have not even met her for over three months after I cut ties with her since I realized our friendship would affect my family.” He said. Samidoh also confirmed that he is happily married and intends not to take a second wife.    “I have a wife with children and I do not intend to get another one with the current economy, I have not been dating her, she has just been my big fan for a long time.” He said
Nyamu also confirmed that Samidoh was not in that baby shower and bloggers exaggerated.  “I do not know who gave that blog that information but I don’t want to talk about it. Samidoh was not present for my baby shower.” She said

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