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Covering The Head And Uncovering The Thighs??. Akorino Carey Priscilla

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Instagram Self-proclaimed Akurino Model Carey Priscilla is one of a kind. Many Kenyans have been left mouth wide open after wondering how she still manages to stay in the Akorino doctrine and expose her body at the same time. According to the Akorino religious doctrine, a woman is not supposed to expose their body and they should also cover their head with a turban. The model who is also a makeup artist is kind of married to her loverBenito Muriu. Their relationship has been blossoming and netizens left admiring it. The two welcomed their firstborn. Many Kenyans have been left wondering how necessary is it to still cover her head but Expose her body.

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Of late, Akurinos has adopted the new video-sharing TikTot with so many of them doing the odd in order to get more followers on the platform and be influential enough. There has also emerged a group of Akurions who are now producing Genngeton Music which is commonly known for its vulgar language.  It is not so long since the emerge of Model Carey Priscilla who has now been doing so well in the model industry. She's also a makeup artist who has worked with several celebrities in Kenya. Many Kenyans have criticized the model on social media with many of them asking her to remove her turban and slay as she wants. They claim she disgracing the Akurino Religion. The couple has been sharing their moment on Instagram. In 2019 the model shared photos of her parading her body in a black garment that was exposing too much of her body. She was forced to apologize.

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