Cheza Kama Wewe Hitmaker Trio Mio Photos Of Back To School Stir Hilarious Comments.

  • Trio Mio 
  • Cheza kama wewe by Trio Mio
  • Trio Mio Kenya

Trio Mio Kenya. 16 years old Trio Mio pictures has been trending on social media. This is after a picture of him on school uniform and shaved was posted on twitter. Trio Mio became so popular after his breakthrough in music industry. This comes after releasing the biggest tune of 2020 "cheza kama wewe". This attracted big names into doing remix including Mejja. He was ranked the most listened youngest artist of 2020. Some kenyans even claimed that he should focus on his music career instead of school. Trio Mio may become the next biggest artist in Africa if he keep up the good work. Trio Mio cheza kama wewe is a prove that this young artist is talented. 


source : Facebook



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