Jan Proost. Belgian Cries Foul After Kenyan Kikuyu Man Swindled him over 40 Million

Jan Proost, a Belgian Citizen who is in his late 50s has cried foul after his long-term Kenyan friend whom they used to work together in the same company allegedly scammed him over 40 Million Kenyan shillings. William Murage, a Kikuyu man from Nakuru used to work with Jan Proost in Belgium back in 2013. William befriended the European native and used his naiveness to swindle him money. After years of friendship, William Murage and Proost became close to a point of even visiting their families in Kenya and Belgium. Jan had saved alot of money from the hard work he done at Belgium. Murage who would trav to Kenya very often while his family lived in Belgium approached Jan and proposed a business they would venture into. At first William Murage was building apartments at Kasarani but due to insufficient funds, the project had stopped. Jan granted him €30,000 [Ksh 3.4m] to finish the project. Their agreement was based on trust.

William Murage
William Murage. Kenyan who allegedly scammed Jan Proost 40 million posing for a photo together with his wife


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Jan Proost and William Murage agreed they would would finish the 6 apartments and in return Murage would help him acquire land in Kenya and build his own apartments. Their partnership seemed to go well not knowing the Kenyan had a hidden Agenda.

A photo of Eurofurniture in Kasarani

Eurofurniture company

Later the two decided they would invest in buying second hand quality leather sofa sets in Belgium which they would export here in Kenya. The Belgian even bought a truck in his home country for transportation. He would buy the sets, put them in a container and export them in Kenya. They agreed to split the fortunes 50/50. The business boomed and they would sell the sets for more than three times (sometimes upto 10 times) their original value. Jan invested €97,000 (over Ksh 10M). Later Jan decided to sell his properly in Belgium and emigrate to Kenya to continue with his investment. Things turned ugly when he arrived in Kenya. William had already finished the apartment but decided to keep for himself since he was registered as the owner. The furniture business where Jan had supplied him with 16 containers of furniture and gym materials was also under Murage name.

William Murage
A photo of William Murage in Belgium


In a recorded voice clips, Murage is heard promising to keep their business money safe untill the European gets a local bank account. He can be heard saying the balance from their sales was about €180,000 (about Ksh 20M). Jan is saddened because his friend turned enemy now wants to keep 100% of his investment.

Screenshot 20220725 173614Justice for Jan Proost.

The Belgian is now seeking justice to reclaim his lost money wich is about €350,000 (ksh 40m) according to a video done by journalist Lynn Ngugi on his LNN DIGITAL channel on YouTube, Murage on phone call claimed he owes Proost only €60,000 (ksh 6M) . William Murage allegedly investment to the money in Williz Construction company where he hires construction equipment and Eurofurniture is still running. Murage family also supports Proost to seek for Justice. Proost is now stranded here in Kenya. The evidence documents are on public domain and can be found here

Jan Proost during an interview with Lynn Ngugi





FAITH AFTER ALL. Kipyegon Wins First Kenyan Gold in 1500M Women

Faith Kipyegon made Kenya proud once more after winning the first gold medal title at the Oregon Word Championship in the USA July 19 2022. Faith clocked 3:52:59 to blaze out Ethiopian athlete Gudaf Tsegay 3:54:52. Kipyegon made history after becoming the first woman to win 4 titles in 1500M race. Faith Kipyegon now holds 2 silver medals and 2 gold medal in 1500M.

Faith Kipyegon running in Oregon
Kenyan athlete Faith Kipyegon running alongside Ethiopian Gudaf Tsegay at Oregon
After the starting gun shot, the two Ethiopians took the pace and Kipyegon was struggling to keep up with them. She was trailing behind. The two had widened the gap and many thought Kipyegon had lost it. She later catched up with them and during the final bell, Kipyegon marked her opponents and widen the gap. The Ethiopian Gudaf Tsegay face showed frustration as she struggled to keep up with Kipyegon.

Lynn Ngugi Makes It To BBC Top 100 Women.Exclusive Interview On BBC.

Kenya’s Independent Lynn Ngugi is over the moon as she makes it to BBC’s top 100 women in the world in 2021. Lynn could not hide her joy anymore since this is a huge achievement. Only few  African women made it to the list. Lynn has achieved a lot considering the challenges that Independent journalists undergo here in Kenya.  She formerly worked for tuko on covering stories before she decided to quit to establish her brand. Her stories have been touching a lot of lives and inspiring Kenyans. She managed to get close to 300k subscribers in just a few months and her videos get hundreds of thousands of views every week.

lynn ngugi among top 100 women in the world
lynn ngugi has been named among top 100 women in the world pHoto source : Facebook

I am not even going to lie right now, I never thought I would be in this category. How?

I mean, who would have thought I would one day be acknowledged among other 99 influential women globally?
To God be the glory
Thank you so much to the entire BBC team for this
Dedicating this to each and everyone of you. Thank you for believing in me. For walking with me, and for trusting me with your stories.

to all the women in this list. It’s an honor to be among you. SHE WROTE

Aki leo wacheni tu nifurahie❤
Thank you Lord🙏
Not sure I will ever get over this day🙏
Few days ago, someone asked me why I love doing what I do, and I proudly replied, “because my work offers me the ability to tell our own stories in an authentic manner and with no shame😊
Today was amazing( still)
I hope we can all be inspired, reset our mind and help reinvent the society together.
Also, seeing myself next to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was in itself a dream come true.
Thank you so much God and the entire team at BBC for this.
Together, we will change the world. SHE ADDED.

Her Exclusive  Interview With BBC’ S Peter Okwoche.

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Lynn Ngugi was on December 22 in an exclusive interview with BBC journalist Peter Okwoche.  This was her first interview with International Media BBC. She explained her take on digital content creators as well as the videos she covers.  According to the journalist, her videos are successful because she covers stories from people from the same community hence others can as well relate.  Lynn is very bold and covers her stories with dignity without any discrimination.  She also advised content creators who are getting it tough to succeed online not to give up.


Breaking News. Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli Is Dead


Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli is dead. The breaking news reaching us is that the president has passed on in Dar e Salam hospital in the capital of Tanzania.The president has been ailing since last month although the government has been denying it. Magufuli is said to have been suffering from a heart attack. The president was not seen in public activities since February 27th, 2021. He died while receiving treatment on 17th March 2021. On Monday 15th Tanzania’s vice president claimed that the president was fine and there was nothing to worry about.


President John Pombe Magufuli addressing the nation in a past even Source: twitter

President John Magufuli Is Dead.


Earlier in March President Magufuli is said to have contracted Coronavirus and was taken to Nairobi Hospital in Nairobi for treatment. He was later transferred to India for further treatment according to our sources. However, the government has been continuously denying the claims that he has been in Hospital. They even went ahead to say that he was in his office working. Tanzanians knew something was wrong but they remained silent. They were afraid they would be arrested. Magufuli is said to have died of a heart attack.Tanzania paused publishing Coronavirus cases in April last year. they have then been claiming there was no Coronavirus in their country. They never imposed any measure to control the virus not even wearing a face mask. The country has however witnessed prominent government officials die of the virus lately.


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Dark Days In Tanzania As President Magufuli Whereabout Remain A Mystery

A moment of sadness is being experienced in Tanzania as their president’s whereabouts are still unknown. President Magufuli is said to have contracted Corona Virus last month. he has now been missing in all public functions for almost one month now. Earlier last week he was admitted to Nairobi Hospital in Kenya. He was then said to have been transferred to India for more treatments. Opposition leader Tundu Lissu earlier demanded to know where the president was.  Tanzanian president earlier claimed there was no coronavirus in their country and they even stopped updating their cases in April 2020. 

President Magufuli Health.

Tanzanians now want to know where the head of state is and if he is okay. A man was arrested last week after spreading rumors that Magufuli was dead. The man used his phone to spread the fake news of president Magufuli’s death. No media company in the country has published any news regarding The head of state whereabout. The prime minister of Tanzania earlier claimed that the president was in his office working. The country has been badly hit by coronavirus which has led to WHO intervention. Prominent people in the country have succumbed to the noble virus. 

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Hollywood Actor Nicholas Cage Marries For The 5th Time. [Wedding Photos]

Your browser does not support the audio element.https://stream.zeno.fm/7vpygga1ra0uv


American Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage married for the 5th time. The 56 years old married Riko Shibata, 26 years old in Nevada last month. It was a traditional Catholic ceremony with Shinto vows. Their outfit was unique and amazingly beautiful. This comes just 2 years after the divorce from his previous wife Erika Koike which lasted for only four days. Riko Shibata is a Japanese woman and Cage proposed to her in august over Facetime. Nicholas Cage has previously been married to Alice Kim, Lisa Marie Presley, and Patricia Arquetta. They later left on a horse ride chariot to their honeymoon. 


Nicholas Case Wedding…

Nicholas Cage In his wedding last month Souce: TMZ

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Tanzania: No Lockdown We Will Fast And Pray For 3 Days For Corona. Magufuli Declares As Covid Continue Killing.

Your browser does not support the audio element.https://stream.zeno.fm/7vpygga1ra0uv


  • Tanzania Covid 19 cases    

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has asked his citizens to fast and pray for 3 days. This comes after prominent people from Tanzania have reportedly died from Covid-19. The coronavirus outbreak has hit the nation hard. Tanzanians lead by president Magufuli has for a long time denied that there is no virus in the country. They even mocked other countries Like Kenya and South Africa claiming they were overreacting. Tanzania has never imposed any precaution to combat the virus while countries all over the world imposed curfews and social distancing including lockdowns. World health organization WHO warned the country against the worst outbreaks and massive infections if they don’t put measures. Magufuli also urged his citizens not to wear imported masks taming them as unsafe. 


Tanzania Covid 19 Cases.

Tanzanians Working as Usual During Pandemic. Picture source: Getty Images

Holier Than Cow!!!. World Most Expensive Cow Sold For USD 358,0000.

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world most expensive cow

  • World most expensive cow 2021
  • world most expensive heifer

A new world record has been set for the most expensive cow ever. The cow was sold at USD 358k, which’s an equivalent of Ksh 39.3 B. The heifer doubles the price of the world’s most expensive cow that was set in 2014. The heifer’s name is “posh spice”, she was auctioned in the UK city of Carlisle. Apparently, her characteristic of larger loin depth was the real deal of the day which turned the market into a real cattle battle. Her breeder. Her breeder Christine Williams said the 1-year-old cow had what it takes to become the most expensive. However, she compared her price with winning a Lottery

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Uganda Elections 2021. An Early Lead For Museveni. Bobi Wine Trailing Behind

  • Uganda election 

Incumbent Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is allegedly leading with 63% of total votes counted so far. Bobi wine who is also contesting for the same position is trailing behind with 28%on the highly contested election. Boby wine at a press conference held earlier said he will reject the results. According to Bobi, He believes he is leading as opposed by the Ugandan election commission. The security in Uganda has been enforced by the military. The final results will be announced on Saturday. The 76 years old has been Ugandan president for 35 years. A lot of chaos were experienced during campaigns where Bobi Wine was arrested and his supporters detained. The election commission has asked Bobi to produce evidence on how the election has been rigged as he claims. The Ugandan government has blocked the internet and all social media networks. 

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US President Donald Trump Barred From Using His Facebook And Twitter Account.



Incumbent US President Donald Trump has been barred from posting or commenting on Facebook. He currently has over 32 Million followers has been updating posts on his wall that is believed to trigger violence. This comes after his supporters stormed congress house on Thursday 7th January destroying properties. Facebook boss Marc Zuckerberg speaking on an event earlier stated that Trump continuing to post is a threat. He has been running the “STOP THE STEAL” campaign on social media with his post reaching massive followers. The engagement of his posts has been very high. However, the account will be reactivated after power transition which will happen later this month. 

Marc Zuckerberg say…

“We believe the risks of allowing the president to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great. Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete,” he said. 

source : politico.com


Donald Trump whose twitter account has over 85 Million followers has also been suspended and may face account closure. He is the second most followed person after former US president Barrack Obama. Almost all of his post on Twitter has been flagged and others taken down. According to a statement by Twitter the account has been violating their service policies and terms and hence suspending it for 12 hours. 


“Future violations of the Twitter Rules, including our civic Integrity or violent threats policies, will result in permanent suspension of the @realDonaldTrump account,” Twitter

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