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15 Sexy Photos Of Zuchu That Proves She Is The Most Beautiful Artist In Africa 2021

Sexy Photos Of Zuchu 

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Zuhura Othman Soud alias Zuchu as commonly known is a Tanzanian songwriter. she is better known for her Sukari single and Number one featuring Rayvanny. Since she rose to fame she has surpassed many African women artists. Zuchu became the first African woman to exceed 100,000 subscribers in one week. Her song Sukari received over 1 million streams on Youtube in 23 hours after release. This defines how exactly this artist is great. Apart from doing very well in her music career, she is definitely one of the most beautiful women in the African continent. Below are the top 15 pictures of Zuchu parading her sexy body

Clemo Bought Me My First Underwear – Mejja.

Utaweza hit maker Mejja Meme Hadhija AKA Mejja confirms that producer clemo bought him his first Boxer(innerwear) 
  Talking in an interview with media personality Jalango. Mejja went ahead to explain how producer and radio presenter Clemo supported him when he was still young in the industry. Clemo is the founder of Calif Records. Calif Ecords was one of the best in the 2000s is said to have supported many artists in Kenya. He is one of the people who lifted Kenyan music. The only competitor at that time was Ogopa DJs which also signed a lot of artists. Growing in the ghetto and trying to build a fanbase was not easy at all. Mejja said  

No More Beef Between Diamond And Alikiba

  Tanzanian President Magufuli was delighted to see Diamond Platinumz and bongo star Alikiba together at a state function.  Harmonize had also attended the function.  Leaving many people amused. Diamond and Alikiba were seen shaking hands happily.  The president also congratulated Harmonize for praising Diamond. This comes After going through a bitter fallout.  In a video clip from the event that has since gone viral.  The three musicians were seen smiling as they listened to their leader. Maghufuli urged musicians to help each other grow. Everybody believes that it's time they end that beef.  Everybody has his own big fanbase there is no need for beef.  Alikiba is one of the artists that made Tanzania music great. His music back then was everybody's favorite. Alikiba produce more than 30 hits in between 2005 and 2010  

I Want To Have Children In all African Countries- Diamond

Diamond Platinumz left his fans this week confused after the news that he had broke up with his Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna. Diamond was alleged to have an affair with his video Vixen on his latest song Jeje, Malaika Salatis. the song was shot in Zanzibar island last week.  He is alleged to have spent a good time with her even after the video shoot.  
Diamond is believed to have flew with Malaika Salitas to USA where he was to perform in sevens rugby. Diamond who will be away for a whole month perfoming in his Europe tour is yet to talk about his break up with Tanasha even after his social media post where he wrote that he will have a press briefing. On the other hand Tanasha flew to Nairobi with her child even after Diamond's mother tried to stop her.

Padi Wubonn Moves From Parody to Originals

The King of parody Padi Wubonn has now moved from parodies to producing his own original music. This has come after producing hilarious parodies of famous local and international artists. This including Drake's ''God's Plan'' which was later blocked on YouTube.  This was  after conflict with Drakes Management who reported copyright infringement.

Padi Wubbon New Release

Padi Wubonn new release "moto makusudi" has been doing very good in youtube. the song was released late last month with over 70k views on you tube by now.  With very good creativity in his video and also good audio production Padi has proved to the world that he not only produce parodies but also his own original music.