Quiver Lounge opens new club in Kenol Town along along Murang’a Road. Revellers excited.

  • Quiver Lounge Kenol
  • Quiver Lounge
  • Quiver Lounge location
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The famous Quiver Lounge located along Thika road opposite garden city mall has opened a new joint at Kenol Town along Murang’a highway, Murang’a county. Quiver Lounge Kenol branch opened its doors to revellers on 4th of November 2022. The club looks exactly like the other one with its trade mark indiana fighter head. The club attracted many people as they witnessed the clubs new look. The design is so appealing with two different counters well stocked with various high end wines and spirits. Quiver Lounge Kenol branch also has a choma zone and a fastfood canteen.The club is located at the newly opened Kilele mall consisting of Magunas Supermarket, a petro station and Muthokinju paints and Tiles store.

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Quiver Lounge Kenol
A sneak peek at Quiver Lounge Kenol branch.

Quiver Lounge Location, owner and contacts.

The club is famous for attracting young generation who like living a soft life. According to an insider, Quiver is looking forward to opening a chain of clubs in different parts of the country. The clubs will also bee hosting various mugithi maestros including Samidoh, Joyce Wa Mama, Waithaka Wa Jane among many others.

Quiver Lounge
A photo of Quiver Lounge Kenol.

They will also be capturing the best moments through their photographers and posting on their Facebook page. The clubs are believed to be owned by a prominent person in government. President William Ruto and his team once visited the club after their campaign. Quiver Lounge contacts can be found on their Facebook page page.

Karangu Wa Muraya Cries Like A Baby After Blogger “Exposed” Him and Nyambura Ithaga riene

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Musician and content creator Karangu wa Muraya has cried foul after a blogger claimed that he flew to Dubai with former Ithaga Riene actress Nyambura. The two shared Live videos on a plane with same background and theme on the same day. According to closer look at the videos and sound background, the two might have shared the flight.

Nyambura Ithaga Riene
A screenshot of former Inooro Tv actress Nyambura during a live TikTok video source: UTM

Karangu wa Muraya has been rumoured to be having an affair with the actress after their photos in several occasions have been shared online widely. According to Nyambura Ithaga Riene, Karangu wa Muraya is just his boss since she will be part of the team that will be gracing the newly launched Ithaga Tv. Ithaga Tv is a Kikuyu Tv station owned by the musician. Karangu is known for his kindness in helping the needy through online mobilization and fundraising.

Karangu wa Muraya
Musician Karangu wa Muraya posing for a photo before boarding a plane to Dubai on 24th October 2022. Source: Facebook

Is Karangu wa Muraya dating Nyambura Ithaga Riene??

According to him, the holiday vacation to Dubai was paid by his business partner AMG realtors Limited. Martha Mwihaki Hinga allegedly a Facebook pseudo account run by a guy well known by Karangu has been publishing Kikuyu celebrity matters claiming to be exposing them. We however dont agree or disagree with Martha Mwihaki Hinga since it might be true or not. Below is some of information Martha published.

One very last one at noon and I will be off for the rest of this year of the Lord,2022.

Nothing stinks like hypocrisy. In the images I got hold off, one of your favorite female musicians who resides at Nyawira Apartment along Kiambu road, is seen entertaining an unidentified male,


Who is not the husband with a video call, naked like an animal in the bathroom.

She is doing this for money,35,000 rent, better explained as HOEING!


I am doing this with zero remorse, I have never regretted exposing harlots who hide behind church.Kama ni wewe huyo wa dunes Kata miti sasa!” Martha wrote.

Nyambura Ithaga Riene
Nyambura Ithaga Riene posing for a photo parading herself in an unknown location. Source: QRM



Shiru Wa GP Biography, Age, House, Family, Children, Husband and Networth.

Waithaka Wa Jane Biography, Social Life, Music, Net Worth and Relationship

Karangu wa Muraya recording a live video on Facebook claimed he know the person behind the pseudo account and will soon expose him.

One day in the begins of this year, I was blessed with a piece of land, I called my senior brother Rev Ben Guka wa Nairobi Muthee kiengei to Dedicate it so that I can start up a house for my family…..the following day the same brother who have been killing many people with that pseudo account, anikaaad me with so many naughty allegations.but there is power in prayers….many of the companies that i was working for terminated my contracts,

they fed my wife with so many bad stories, I felt like giving up, but there is God of second chance…some of my great friends from diaspora and close friends blocked me,but Jehovah is so faithful, he picked me up from that dust, and whenever I see this house, I just see a testimony to tell my generation…..are you feeling down may my testimony encourage you,never loose your focus….JEHOVAH HAS THE FINAL SAY. Karangu wrote

Karangu wa Muraya live
A screenshot of Karangu wa Muraya crying uncontrollably durin a live Facebook video. Source: TikTok

Martha Hinga however did not hesitate to respond to the claims

Yes, I have seen the online rants,I do not want to respond because that is now water under the bridge. However, even a Standard one kid can check both live videos and draw their conclusions very fast.

From the seats, the walls, the wavy noise of the fans and the so on. There’s no harm in enjoying life anyway.I also DARE them to upload my identity on their walls!

I hope to be back sometimes later and I wish you all the blessings of the Lord!


Nyawira apartment Spiritual miscreant on the comment section!

Turus guys!. Martha Hinga added.


Shiru Wa GP Biography, Age, House, Family, Children, Husband and Networth.

  • Shiru Wa GP Biography
  • Shiru Wa GP daughter
  • Shiru Wa GP husband name
  • Shiru Wa GP wedding photos
  • Shiru Wa GP Life History

Shiro Wa GP Biography updated

Shiru Wa GP Biography updated as of October 2022. Shiru Wa GP, real name Mary Wanjiru is a Kenyan gospel Kikuyu artist and song writer largely accepted and loved by many. Shiru is know due to her inspiring and mesmerizing art of producing Kigooco music in Agikuyu Native language from M.t Kenya region.

The artist has uplifted many of his fans by giving them hope and motivation through her music. She has produced many hits song since she started her music career back in 2008 with her music videos surpassing 50 Million views on YouTube. She is the 7th most streamed artist on YouTube is East Africa. Her dancing skills are hilarious and leaves many smiling. Here is Shiru Wa GP’s latest biography.

Shiru wa Gp latest photos
Kigooco artist Shiro Wa GP posing for a Photo. Source: Facebook

Shiru Wa GP’s Early life and History.

Mary Wanjiru was born in Kiambu County, in a small village called Ngegu. She was born in 1983 and she is 39 years old (2022). The musician was raised by a single mother. Mary Wanjiru’s mother used to sell illicit brew known as chang’aa to put something on the table for her family. During Wanjiru’s early life, she helped her mother with home chores and later would spy on the police to alert her mother whenever the came snooping. When she was 10, she went to live with his uncle in Githurai 45, Nairobi county.

Shiru Wa GP husband
An old photo of Kikuyu artist Shiro Wa GP with her husband Thuo. Source: Archive


Wanjiru started her education at Loreto primary school in Turitu before moving to Nairobi where she completed her primary education. She however didn’t attend Secondary education then due to lack of fees.

Music Career.

Mary Wanjiru discovered her talent from early age. While still in primary school, she used to perform to her fellow students and teachers like a star. Speaking in an interview, Shiru Wa GP revealed that she started composing and writing her own music while still in primary school.

After completing her primary education, she started attending various crusades where she could see other musicians and music groups perform. This really inspired her alot and super charged her passion for music. Upon returning to Kiambu, she joined AP music group and later formed Kiambu Chosen Generation Dancers.

Shiro Wa GP daughter
Shiro Wa Gp shares good time with her all grown daughter. Source: Facebook


Dj Dibul Introduces Former Maria Actress Dorea Chege as his Girlfriend. Gifts her new car

Muthoni Wa Kirumba Biography age, Husband, Family and Networth

Waithaka Wa Jane Biography, Social Life, Music, Net Worth and

Shiru wa Gp Family photo
Shiro Wa GP together with her husband and their daughter posing fo a photo. Source Facebook.


Her mother however was not very happy after discovering she had already dedicated her life to Christ. She knew Mary Wanjiru would no longer help her in her chang’aa business. Her mother however after several years also abandoned her illicit brew business and accepted Christ. Wa GP regularly attended Deliverance Church Kiambu where is was a youth member.

The artist has achieved alot in her music career. In 2016, she was nominated for Groove Awards. In her United States tour, She performed in more than 10 States.

Shiru Wa GP songs

  • Githima Kiama
  • Muoroto
  • Udahi
  • Nduri Wiki
  • Thimo
  • Mucamo
  • Mutugo Waku
  • Mugai
  • Irema
  • Riboti
  • Ngoro Yakwa
  • Nikuri Ngai
  • Ngai Wa Etereri
  • Ndukanatire
  • Uhoro Uyu
  • Mukujuri
  • Ebenezeri
  • Jana Imepita
  • Itua Riega
  • Amba Utige
  • Mwako
  • Ngai Ni Ngai
  • Alpha Na Omega
  • Kwagirira
  • Nasikitika
  • Ndingigirika
  • Mwaki

Marriage, Husband and Children.

Shiru Wa GP met her husband in church where he he used to play Keyboard. Her husband, Thuo was also a member of Deliverance Church Kiambu. After dating for months, the two decided to enter into marriage. They wedded in the mid 2000s. Her husband has been very supportive. He is now her manager and directs her music videos.

Shiro Wa Gp Husband
Light moment as Musician Shiru Wa GP poses for a photo with her husband who is a music video director

Shiru Wa GP daughter

After staying for more than 8 years after their wedding without a child, thing became very difficult. Many people started mocking her calling her barren. The marriage started shaking. The led to her husband siring a child with Wanjiru’s friend out of their wedlock. This broke her into pieces. Before her husband’s mistress could give birth, Shiru was already pregnant with twins (boy and girl). This brought alot of joy and rekindled their hope.

Everything was not however smooth as they expected, their kids came earlier than normal and they were incubated since they had not matured. After 2 weeks the boy passed away. The hospital bill had accumulated to around Ksh 4.6 M.  Due to her closeness with former president Uhuru Kenyatta, the president settled 1.5M and the balance was raised by her fans during Kameme Morning show hosted by Njogu Wa Njoroge who now presents at Kayu Fm. The amount was raised in less than 30 minutes.

Shiro Wa GP wedding photos
Shiru Wa GP husband

Shiru Wa GP networth

The artist has inspired and nurtured alot of upcoming artists. A good example is Joy Janet who has been shining in Kigooco industry. Her music has surpassed 10Million views. Mary Wanjiru now owns a music label ( Finetune Media) that signs artist. The company produces and promotes music of its signees. Shiru earns  approximately 350k on YouTube. She also charges not less than 100k for live performances. She is estimated to be worth ksh 45Million.

Muthoni Wa Kirumba Biography age, Husband, Family and Networth

Amin Mohamed Ibrahim Biography, Age, Education, Family and Networth

  • Amin Mohamed Ibrahim Biography
  • New DCI Kenya
  • Amin Mohamed Ibrahim tribe
  • Mohamed Ibrahim age

Amin Mohamed Ibrahim was on 14th October 2022 gazetted as the new Director of Criminal Investigation after he was appointed by President William Ruto. Amin was was later vetted and approved to succeed former DCI boss George Kinoti. George Kinoti who served the role since 2018 resigned from the post earlier September after President William Ruto took over the country from his predecessor former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Amin Ibrahim was among 10 candidates shortlisted from over 220 applicants who expressed their interest in taking over from Kinoti. Kinoti resigned after pressure from the current Government. During pre-campaign and campaign season, he was largely accused by Kenya Kwanza team of using his position to intimidate them in conjunction with KRA. He was allegedly accused of collaborating with the government to push its Agenda.

IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by section 30 of the National Police Service Act, 2011, I, William Samoei Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces appoint AMIN MOHAMED IBRAHIM to be the Director, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI),” reads a gazette notice dated October 14.

Amin Mohamed Ibrahim Profile and Experience.

Amin Mohamed Ibrahim
Amin Mohamed Ibrahim posing for a photo during a past event. Source UTM

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Lt. Colonel Damaris Agnetta Biography, Career, Age, Education And Family

Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga Biography, Age, Career, Experience, Education And Family.

The new DCI boss was serving as Director of internal affairs unit at the National police service (NPSC).

Speaking to media earlier said he is confidence that he will pass the vetting process. “My expectations is that I will be the next DCI boss,” Amin told journalists after he was vetted. He also promised to serve without bias to push the government’s ideology and streamline the directorate.

More information about the new DCI boss will be updated soon.

Muthoni Wa Kirumba Biography age, Husband, Family and Networth

Lt. Colonel Damaris Agnetta Biography, Career, Age, Education And Family

  • Damaris Agnetta
  • Lieutenant colonel Damaris Agnetta
  • Lt. Col Damaris Agnetta biography
  • Deputy ADC Damaris Agnetta

Lt. Colonel Damaris Agnetta is a Kenyan military officer serving the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) the Kenya Army division. Lt Col Agnetta was appointed to deputize president William Ruto’s Aide-de-Camp Col. Fabian Lengusuranga on October 4 2022. They both replaced Timothy Lekolol former ADC and Rachael Nduta who served as deputy Aide-de-Camp. Rachael Nduta was appointed by former president Uhuru Kenyatta in 2018 as the first ever woman as ADC. Rachael Nduta was later promoted from Lt Colonel to a full Colonel and reassigned to the Department of Defence (DoD). Damaris Agnetta has been serving as an artillery officer in the Kenya Army since she was commissioned in 2003. Former ADC Timothy Lekolol Stelu was also promoted from a Colonel to a Brigadier.

Col. Fabian Lengusuranga during Ruto visit in Nyeri. Behind him is Brigadier Timothy Stelu Lekolol, former Aide-de-Camp Photo Source : Statehouse Kenya
Col. Fabian Lengusuranga during Ruto visit in Nyeri. Behind him is Brigadier Timothy Stelu Lekolol, former Aide-de-Camp Photo Source : Statehouse Kenya

Lt. Col. Damaris Agnetta Profile as a service woman

Col Rachael Nduta
President William Samoei Ruto, behind him is former deputy Aide-de-Camp Colonel Rachael Nduta

Agnetta was was commissioned in 2003 and is a degree holder. She is a very experienced and disciplined military officer thus raising to a rank of a Lieutenant colonel. Agnetta is 4 ranks (Colonel, Brigadier, Lieutenant General, Major General)  down to becoming General. The general is the highest rank in the Kenya army and commands the KDF. There can only one General at any given time. The current military General is Robert Kabochi. To become an ADC one must be in the rank of a Lieutenant colonel or a full Colonel and above. Agnetta becomes the second woman deputy ADC.

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The work of Aide-de-Camp

Fabian Lengusuranga
New president William Ruto’s Aide-de-Camp Col Fabian Lengusuranga in Nyeri during D.P Rigathi Gachagua elder brother’s burial

An ADC is a highly-trained senior military officer, who is required to be part of the president’s itinerary at all times. Most of his tasks is ceremonial as serves as an aide  VVIP to the head of state.

“An ADC is a highly-trained senior military officer, who is required to be part of the president’s itinerary at all times.” Colonel Esther Wanjiku KDF spokes person


Vera Sidika new look photos after reversal of Derriere implants. [Photos]

  • Vera Sidika new look
  • Vera Sidika old look
  • Vera Sidika before and after photos
  • Vera Sidika photos.

Professional socialite and business woman has been the talk of the town after she paraded her new look body. Vera was known to be very curvy with a huge butt. The Socialite revealed that she had her bottom implants reversed due to health issues. She however urged young women to accept their looks the way they are without doing cosmetic surgeries to appear more appealing. Vera who also bleached her skin said that she made the worse decision in her life.

Vera sidika
Socialite Vera Sidika posing for a photo with her husband Brown Mauzo. Right is their daughter Asia Brown. Source: Facebook

“Am Lucky to be alive” she revealed. However many Kenyans thinks that she is clout chasing to remain relevant after going mute for a while. Vera who has one child together with her husband Brown Mauzo shared picture of her new look.

Brown Mauzo’s take on Vera Sidika’s new look

Artist Brown Mauzo after social pressure broke the silence and said he is okey with his wife’s new look.

Vera Sidika photos
A screen grab from a video shared by Vera Sidika said to be taken during her surgery

“I miss your killer figure, but I will love you more just the way you are,” musician Brown Mauzo says after his wife, Vera Sidika, revealed that she underwent butt surgery to remove implants.

“Dear wife, I know this hasn’t been easy at all. I am so happy you found peace & acceptance & finally dared to come out and educate young girls. I love and treasure your personality & pure heart,” Brown wrote.

Vera Sidika new look photos

Here is a collection of Vera Sidika after photos.

Vera Sidika new look photo
Vera Sidika parading her new look body after bum reduction

Before and after reduction photo comparison

Vera new look
A photo of Vera Sidika old look verse new source : Facebook


Vera Sidika photos
An old photo of vera Sidika
Vera Sidika photos source: Facebook

“Am Lucky To Be Alive” Vera Sidika Says After Undergoing Butt Surgery To Remove Implants “Extension”

  • Vera Sidika photos
  • Vera Sidika Surgery
  • Vera Sidika Tribe
  • Cosmetic surgery

Kenyan Socialite and business woman Vera Sidika has revealed on her journey in removing her artificial butt. The Socialite had undergone cosmetic surgery to increase her behinds. She however has urged women to try and accept themselves the way they are without having yo undergo implants to look appealing.

Vera sidika photo
Vera Sidika parading her new look /source: Instagram

Vera revealed that her decision was occasioned by health risks and she regrets having them. However many Kenyans has made fun of her after her new look with relatively smaller “Nyash” butt. ” I feel for Brown Mauzo, what will he tell Kenyans” a social media commented

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“I’ve come to terms with it and learnt to love myself. Ladies, please learn to love yourself and don’t ever let peer pressure rush you into things that will ruin you in future. I’m lucky to be alive,” Vera added.

Mugithi Queen Joyce Wa Mama nearly goes blind after acid attack

  • Joyce wa Mama birthday
  • Joyce wa Mama husband
  • Joyce wa Mama boyfriend

Popular mugithi star Joyce Wa Mama is at risk of going blind after she was attacked with an acid during her birthday party on September 24, 2022 at a popular joint along Kangundo.  According to report musician’s close allies who spoke to Relax Fm exclusively revealed what exactly happened. The woman who was later exposed by the artist as Katerina Murigi, approached where they were seated with her friends carrying a champagne bottle. Every thing seemed normal since everyone was enjoying and busy chanting untill the woman bursted the champagne on her face causing unrest. Joyce wa Mama revealed it was corrosive to her eyes and was soar.

Joyce wa Mama
Musician Joyce Wa Mama posing for photo. Source: Facebook

What happened to Joyce Wa Mama


“It was Wa Mama who screamed first, saying she could not see… There was apprehension in the party and three companions of the songbird also reported they could not open up their eyes,” said a Nairobi-based musician.

She approached the table where Wa Mama was seated with several guys and held the bottle towards them. She uncorked it and the surprise pop sound and gushes of the contents flew in full force and the next thing was Wa Mama was down screaming and pandemonium broke out,” he said.

Joyce wa Mama
Joyce Wa Mama posing for a photo

The “Wanjogotha Niki” hitmaker revealed that the account left her shaken and worried. It is said that love and business rivalry might have been the cause.  Joyce said that she insisted to be rushed to a hospital since she was worried.  She has however claimed to be alright and her Fans should keep calm as she seek justice

Katrina Murigi.


Katrina Murigi
Katrina Murigi, The woman said to have attacked Joyce Wa Mama during her birthday party.

Katrina as exposed by Joyce Wa Mama is the woman who stormed her birthday party with the chemical in a champagne bottle. The woman is said to be a backer and a caterer.


Hello my fb family, thank you for your for prayers,calls,sms, l really apreaciate you guys..l thank God am well am home.gitiri mugwi wa mbara uhaririio mundu muthingu ukagacira wira-ini wagwo…


Uyu niwe urabagiire Mibago miuru…..Ngai uria hoyaga aromuigwira tha





Joyce Wa Mama Husband and Love Life.

Wa Mama is said to be married to Prof Karash. Prof Karash is also a Mugithi singer and they earlier collaborated on a song together. There has been rumors that there was stand off between Prof Karash and former Coro Fm presenter Mushina Sonko who is her ex-boyfriend, whom they sired a kid together. After their separation, the singer is said to have been dissing the presenter in her songs.


Nyege Nyege Festival 2022 Banned By Ugandan Government Due To “Sexual Immorality”

  • Nyege Nyege Festival 2022
  • Nyege Festival
  • Nyege nyege Festival cancelled
  • Nyege Nyege meaning

The Ugandan Government has cancelled the famous Nyege Nyege Festival 2022 citing it is promoting sexual immorality among the youth. The festival has been happening once per year for the past few years. The social event was scheduled to happen later this month in Jinja Kampala. The motion to cancel the event was tabled before the Ugandan parliament by Tororo member of Parliament Hon Sarah Opendi. The event attracts huge fans from Kenya and and across East Africa.

Nyege nyege Festival
Fans enjoying themselves during Nyege nyege Festival

Nyege Nyege Meaning.

Nyege in a simple translation means “being horny” or the desire to have sex intimacy. Many Kenyans had already bought the Tickets to attend the event and had already booked accomodations. The Ticket ranges between Ksh 3500 and Ksh 7000 ($ 32- 65). The early bird cluster goes for ksh 3,500 while at the gate the tickets goes for ksh 7000.

Parliament has stopped the ‘Nyege Nyege’ festival, an annual social event scheduled to take place next week in Jinja. Tororo Woman MP Hon Sarah Opendi says the event is a breeding ground for sexual immorality,” read the statement fROM Parliament.

Kenyan Artist who were to perform

Nyege nyege Festival cancelled
Revelers Enjoy themselves during the famous Nyege Nyege Festival

Some of the Kenyan Musician were already booked to grace the even in Kampala. Boutross, Ssaru and Exray were among the Kenyan Musician that were to perform at the sold out event. The first edition of the event happened in Kampala in 2015 with few Kenyans attending. The number of Kenyans attending the event has massively increased with time. Sauti Sol also performed at the event in the past. It is however not clear whether the event organizers will offer a refund to those who had already bought the early bird tickets. The social event also organize other fun activities including Swimming and Bungee jumping.

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Every year we HAve been blessed with the most amazing talents from Kenya, and this year once again we have a fabulous Kenyan lineup, echoing the Kenyan music scene that is becoming a global powerhouse, from gengetone to benga, afrohouse to drill and shrap, from electronics to acoustic. There is no genre in which Kenyans are not breaking new grounds,” read a statement from the event’s organisers on August


Melissa Ng’ania Biography, Age, Career, Family and Networth

  • Melissa Ng’ania Biography
  • Melissa Ng’ania age
  • Melissa Ng’ania tribe and Family.

Melissa Ng’ania is a young female lawyer making headlines in Kenyan Law industry after her assignments in the presidential election petitions proceedings at the supreme court of Kenya. Melissa who is only 38 (2022) is a masters degree holder from Kenya school if law and currently the youngest counsel at the high court and the supreme of Kenya. Ng’ania is representing William Ruto in the supreme court’s election petition. Melissa Ng’ania became a talk of the town after she was spotted among President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legal team that was representing him in 2017 general Election petition against former prime minister Hon Raila Odinga.

Melissa Ng’ania background and early life.

Melissa Ng'ania
High court lawyer Melissa Ng’ania during a past court proceedings

Lawyer Melisa was born in 1980 and she is the last born in a family of 6. She was born in Mt. Elegon region Saboat community that borders Kenya and Uganda. She was raised in Kitale town, Trans Nzoia where she attended her primary school and later proceeded to Tororo High school base in Uganda where she did her “O” level. She later attended Makerere University and did a Bachelor of Law ( LLB).  After returning to Kenya, She joined Kenya School of Law where she did her Master’s Degree. She was admitted to the bar on 2011. She has been practicing law for the last 12 years. Melissa has thrived in a male dominated industry. The lawyer replaced Kethi Kilonzo.

Vera Sidika Is Now Officially Married

Career and Skills.

Ng’ania has work with eminent law firms in Kenya. In 2012 she joined Havi and Company Advocates. A lay firm founded and owned by former Law society of Kenya (LSK) Nelson Havi. She later partnered with Steve Wairegi to establish Wairegi and company associates.  Her skills are as follows:-

  • Litigation
  • Criminal justice
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Human rights
  • Constitution law.

Family and Networth

Melissa Ng’ania is married although her husband in not known to the public. The lawyer live a lavish life driving high end vehicles.  She is estimated to be worth $250,000 ( Ksh 27M)


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