Lynn Ngugi Makes It To BBC Top 100 Women.Exclusive Interview On BBC.

Kenya’s Independent Lynn Ngugi is over the moon as she makes it to BBC’s top 100 women in the world in 2021. Lynn could not hide her joy anymore since this is a huge achievement. Only few  African women made it to the list. Lynn has achieved a lot considering the challenges that Independent journalists undergo here in Kenya.  She formerly worked for tuko on covering stories before she decided to quit to establish her brand. Her stories have been touching a lot of lives and inspiring Kenyans. She managed to get close to 300k subscribers in just a few months and her videos get hundreds of thousands of views every week.

lynn ngugi has been named among top 100 women in the world pHoto source : Facebook

I am not even going to lie right now, I never thought I would be in this category. How?

I mean, who would have thought I would one day be acknowledged among other 99 influential women globally?
To God be the glory
Thank you so much to the entire BBC team for this
Dedicating this to each and everyone of you. Thank you for believing in me. For walking with me, and for trusting me with your stories.

to all the women in this list. It’s an honor to be among you. SHE WROTE

Aki leo wacheni tu nifurahie
Thank you Lord
Not sure I will ever get over this day
Few days ago, someone asked me why I love doing what I do, and I proudly replied, “because my work offers me the ability to tell our own stories in an authentic manner and with no shame
Today was amazing( still)
I hope we can all be inspired, reset our mind and help reinvent the society together.
Also, seeing myself next to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was in itself a dream come true.
Thank you so much God and the entire team at BBC for this.
Together, we will change the world. SHE ADDED.

Her Exclusive  Interview With BBC’ S Peter Okwoche.

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Lynn Ngugi was on December 22 in an exclusive interview with BBC journalist Peter Okwoche.  This was her first interview with International Media BBC. She explained her take on digital content creators as well as the videos she covers.  According to the journalist, her videos are successful because she covers stories from people from the same community hence others can as well relate.  Lynn is very bold and covers her stories with dignity without any discrimination.  She also advised content creators who are getting it tough to succeed online not to give up.


Lawyer Brian Khaemba Tell The Court He Spoke To Deceased. Presents Evidence. [Photos]

Lawyer Brian Khaemba on 10th November at Milimani Law Courts shocked everybody after he claimed to have spoken to a woman who is presumed dead. Khaemba represents Lucy Waithera in a murder case. Waithera is suspected to have murdered Dysseleer Miriellewho was a white settler. Mirelle was a Belgian national better known as alias Leila Mirielle Lesoipa

“Please help my friends they are innocent and am alive… my lover is behind this… I sold all my properties, am scared for Lucy because she took all, he got jealous and has been threatening I hope she finds peace, someone big is involved and am scared for her please, she is my only best friend,” read the messages.

Khaemba Shocking Evidence.

Before Justice Daniel Ogembo, lawyer Khaemba represented screenshots of his alleged communication with Miriellewhere her requested testify on the innocence of his client. The alleged Mirrele confirmed that she sold all her properties to the accused. The accused, according to the statement befriended the Deceased when she later murdered her to own her properties. The photo that was presented before the court of Miriellehowever did not in any way resemble the deceased.

The Investigation Was Forwarded to DCI For Further Investigation.

According to investigations, The phone number said to have contacted the lawyer is not registered to Mirriele. The phone number belongs to someone else and was located in Nairobi at the time of contact. The case will now be investigated by the Directorate of criminal investigation (DCI)

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If you can do something please do… am unable to talk as I use a machine that gives me headaches am not used to it… today is 10/11/2021 please assist

Alfred Mutua Threatening My Life. Confiscates My Property. Lillian Nganga

Lilian Nganga, Governor Alfred Mutua’s Ex-wife has expressed her fears for her life. According to Lilian, Mutua is threatening her life and has ordered her to return everything he offered her when they were together.
“Mr. Mutua takes away everything I have and everything I own. Indeed this has already started as he has demanded through his lawyers that I refund any money he has ever given for me or made available for me,” she said.
She also claimed that the lives of people close to her were in danger. Their relationship dramas started back 2 months ago after she declared her relationship with legendary rapper Juliani. This was exactly 2 months after breaking up with Mutua.
During a press statement with her lawyer Philip Murgor, Lillian revealed that Mutua didn’t take their separation well. In her statement, Mutua and Lilian met on September 22 in presence of mutual friends to talk about their relationship at Windsor gold club
“As requested Alfred Mutua for a mature and amicably separation…after all, we were not married. Mr. Mutua takes away everything I have and everything I own. Indeed this has already started as he has demanded through his lawyers that I refund any money he has ever given for me or made available for me,” she said.
“He also threatened to harm people close to me and he demanded I apologize and retract the two statements I made on social media regarding our break up…”She added

Accept And Move On, Kenyans

In the statement, Lilian revealed that Alfred Mutua did not take their breakup well. This Comes Just a few days after The governor opened up that he misses Lilian a lot.
People have urged Mutua to accept and Move on.
“People should endeavor to be decent human beings in real life than on social media.”

Mysterious Disease As Girl’s Body Grow Multiple Thorns. Family Seek Spiritual Help

One family in Kaimbaga, Nyandarua Country is lamenting and seeking spiritual help after their teenage girl’s mysterious disease. According to the girl’s father John Njoroge, his daughter was injured by a thorn while fetching firewood in the bush on her theft hand. The girl was trying to pull a wood when she fell on a small ditch with dry thorns. The girl was however pulled by her friend who had accompanied her. In tears, the father explained that he has taken her daughter to three different hospitals to seek medical help in vain. He even explained that the doctors could not understand the condition.

What’s Mysterious ?? According to the father, the girl was injured by just one thorn and after pulling it out, now thorns won’t stop coming out from the girl’s hand. this is way mysterious and distressing as the father can pull out up to 100 thorns and wood pieces from the girl’s hand in a single day. While covering the story, more than 30 thorns were pulled out of the girl’s sore in less than 30 minutes, The girl has been suffering for the last 6 months and now their decry is to well-wishers. She not schooling anymore due to the condition.

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What Might Be The Cause, Witchcraft?? According to the Kaimbaga Family, the mother was not available when the girl was injured. She was in hiding after she had borrowed money from chama’s (women fund groups) and declined to pay. This might be the cause of all the troubles. Now the family wants well-wishers to come in and deliver their child. Now people are now linking the scenario to witchcraft. This is just a single case out of many happening in different areas.

Step By Step On How to Make Your Own Beats At Home And Record Super Vocals.

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Kikuyu Gospel Musician Esther Wanjiku Is Dead

  • Esther Wanjiku Songs
  • Esther Wanjiku Ndirira Githithi Ukenete

Esther Wanjiku, a Kikuyu gospel Musician has been confirmed dead. The “Ndirira Githithi Ukenete” hitmaker died today while undergoing treatment at a hospital. According to a report by M.t Kenya Tv Muranga news reporter, the family gave an official report. It’s yet not clear what really took her life, but according to close friends who spoke with Relax 103 Fm team, she was diagnosed with Kidney failure. Esther Wanjiku has then been ailing for a long time.

Esther Wanjiku Music and Career.

Although Wanjiku was not very famous, she had a successful music career. Her hit song “Ndirira Githithi Ukeneta” has been giving many Kenyans hope. The track has garnered more than 1.4 Million views on Youtube. Wanjiku had produced more than 10 songs and they have been doing very well too. The family is yet to announce when and where the artist will be laid to Rest. May her soul rest in internal peace.

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Auntie Jemimah Loses Her Child Minutes After Birth.

  • Auntie Jemimah Pregnancy.
  • Auntie Jemimah
    Auntie Jemimah photos

Comedian and digital content producer Auntie Jemimah is mourning the loss of her child. The Youtuber took it to social media to break the sad news. Jemimah lost her child “Nduta” minutes after giving birth. She will now be taking a break to mourn her beloved child.

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On 29:9:21 My girl arrived at 34weeks,sleeping. I held her in my arms and said goodbye.I am broken,oh so broken that there was nothing I could do to bring her back life. I therefore will be taking a sabbatical to mourn my Nduta the best way I know how and for as long as it takes. Thank you for the love and support ❤️❤️❤️ Auntie will be back” Auntie Jemimah Wrote

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Auntie Jemimah Photos The 32 years old will now take a break from online presence. Jemimah has been entertaining Kenyans and has garnered a massive following and subscribers on her Youtube Channel. Below are some of Auntie Jemimah Photos

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Dj Mo And Size 8 Reborn Loses Their Child.

It is sad days for The Muraya’s as they lose their unborn child. According to a video they released today on their Youtube channel, Size 8 is seen on a hospital bed. According to Dj Mo, the doctors did all they could to save the infant. Dj Mo recalled receiving a phone call that his wife had been rushed to hospital. The doctors had to do an emergency cesarian to try and save the child. In tears, Size 8 could be heard singing “Jesus Loves Me” during the surgery.

Size 8 and Dj Mo Children.

Sammy Irungu And Christina Shusho Releases A Kikuyu Song

This is their second child to lose. The mother of two had to be saved despite the high blood pressure. The couple lost another child in a horrific ordeal back in 2018. Size 8 thanked God for saving her life.

“The pressure has been high throughout the pregnancy. At some point we even had to change the medication to try and maintain it,” Size 8 said

“It’s not an easy thing being here. I have been there in all of them. It is good to support your wife,” DJ Mo said.


Jeremy Damaris Flies His Grandmother To Mombasa For A Vacation

Jeremy Damaris, a media personality and CEO of Diaspora Media left netizens delighted. This is after the middle-aged man took his aged grandmother on vacation to Mombasa by plane. She was very impressed and excited since it was her first time flying on a plane. The whole event was recorded and uploaded on his Youtube channel. The old woman enjoyed the view of the topography from the sky. The two boarded a plane from JKIA airport and later landed at Mombasa airport. They later went to the beach to enjoy themselves. The grandma could be seen chatting on the plane with his grandson who was showing her different parts in the plane

Sammy Irungu And Christina Shusho Releases A Kikuyu Song

Jeremy Damaris Media {“title”:””,”number”:”3″,”show_date”:”1″} {“title”:”Radio Clock”,”time”:””,”seconds”:”1″,”day”:”full”,”date”:”1″,”month”:”full”}

“I cried when my cucu told me she had never imagined that she will ever come close to an aeroplane. She always see them in the sky,” he wrote on Facebook. 


“If you have your grandma or mother, give them this opportunity. Value them. My grandmother is very happy that she was able to come and see this wonderful place.”  He added

Photos Of Cute Betty Bayo’s New Man Who Will Be Raising Kanyari’s Kids

  • Betty Bayo new man
  • Betty Bayo husband

Your browser does not support the audio element.

Kikuyu gospel artist Betty Bayo has revealed the face of her cute Boyfriend. Betty Bayo’s new man is now on the lame light after the songwriter posted her photos with him on Facebook. They seemed to be sharing a good time together. They have been dating for the past 2 years after Betty broke up with her ex-husband Dr. Victor Kanyari. Betty Bayo and Pastor Victor Kanyari were married for three years and had two kids together. The two broke up after the pastor was exposed for conning and blackmailing his followers.

Sammy Irungu And Christina Shusho Releases A Kikuyu Song

Betty Bayo’s New Man

The rumors of the singer dating someone else emerged 1 year ago online after leaked photos of the two sharing moments at a hotel in Naivasha. Some even thought the artist was dating her Make-up artist and a close friend Uncle-Kinn only to find it was someone else. The gospel artist was engaged by her boyfriend late last year in a very colorful private party. The party was also attended by Kikuyu gospel artist Jane Muthoni where Betty said yes. They are planning for a wedding very soon.

Betty Bayo Wedding Photos. According to an insider and a trusted source, the two are now planning to tie the knot this December at a private wedding party. Although not much is known about the guy, he seems to be a good man and he is already bonding with Betty’s kids even though they were sired by Victor Kanyari. “Finally..its has been 2yrs since we met each other and became good frds,what led there after no one can explain it.i had to take time to get to know you better .what really inspired me was how you feared God ,respected me and the love you showed towards me and the kids .i know your past wont come as a surprise, atleast i know all your exes.🤣🤣 youre my answered prayer.. my LOVE i know your not perfect and that makes the two of us love .meet your online inlaws” She wrote

What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

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Kenyan Gay Dennis Karuri Rated The Best Make-up Artist. [PHOTOS]

  • Dennis Karuri Make-up
  • Dennis Karuri Photos

After coming up as gay. Dennis Karuri has been rated the best make-up artist in Kenya. From his elegant make-up art, he is so passionate about his career. The makeup industry has for decades been dominated by women. Karuri is the first in Kenya to come up in public to declare he is gay. He wears women’s outfits and makeup to look exactly like a woman. Although he has been criticized online due to his sexuality he is in no way giving in. Dennis Karuri likes to share his work on Instagram. Dennis Karuri has worked with some of the most popular female celebrities in Kenya.

Sammy Irungu And Christina Shusho Releases A Kikuyu Song

Dennis Karuri Photos