Tanzania: No Lockdown We Will Fast And Pray For 3 Days For Corona. Magufuli Declares As Covid Continue Killing.

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  • Tanzania Covid 19 cases    

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has asked his citizens to fast and pray for 3 days. This comes after prominent people from Tanzania have reportedly died from Covid-19. The coronavirus outbreak has hit the nation hard. Tanzanians lead by president Magufuli has for a long time denied that there is no virus in the country. They even mocked other countries Like Kenya and South Africa claiming they were overreacting. Tanzania has never imposed any precaution to combat the virus while countries all over the world imposed curfews and social distancing including lockdowns. World health organization WHO warned the country against the worst outbreaks and massive infections if they don't put measures. Magufuli also urged his citizens not to wear imported masks taming them as unsafe. 


Tanzanians Working as Usual During Pandemic. Picture source: Getty Images


You Must Vote For BBI Or Face The Music. Rafael Tuju Orders Uasin Gishu Jubilee MCA’s.

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Jubilee party secretary-general has ordered Uasin Gishu members of the county assembly to vote for the BBI bill. Tuju hosted 17 MCA's from the county and ordered them to vote for the BBI or face losing their seats. All the 17 nominated MCA's were summoned at Nairobi and strictly ordered to vote in the bill if they want to retain their seats. One MCA who spoke to Nation said they were ordered to vote for the bill since it is undertaken by party leaders or they will face disciplinary actions.  The voting will be next week. 

"He (Tuju) told us that we must follow the party position on the BBI Bill, failure of which, we will face disciplinary action,” said Edwin Misoi, nominated MCA.

Jubilee sec-gen Rafael Tuju addressing the media in a past event. 

The above article states: "Disciplinary action shall be instituted against a member in cases of (f). Acting or advancing positions contrary to the party position. (g). Failure, neglect or refusal to carry out directives or instructions of the party."

However, Edwin Misoi argued that they will vote according to what the people of Uasin Gishu want. Rafael Tuju has been meeting with Jubilee nominated MCA's and ordering them to vote in the bill or face the party's disciplinary actions. 

Kim Kardashian Officially Files For Divorce From Kanye West After 7 Years Of Staggering Marriage. Both To Co-parent

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  • Kim Kardashian Divorce.
  • Kanye West Divorce

It's now official. Media personality Kim Kardashian has filed for a divorce from her husband Kanye West.  Kim filed to divorce Kanye on Friday. According to Kim, she believes that Kanye is a great dad, and the decision to have a shared physical co-parent was amicably reached. Kanye west mental health won't affect co-parenting since there is always a caretaker and house help around when he is with the kids especially when he is having a bipolar episode. According to sources he has been very attached to the kids and even has been taking them on trips alone. Kim always trusts him with the kids. The parents of 4 kids have amicably agreed to co-parent and believe it will work for them and nothing will change how they bring up their children. 

Kim and Kanye enjoying family time with their 4 kids. Photo source: TMZ

Everything was painted on the wall and this was to happen sooner or later. In the second half of 2020, it was very clear that a divorce would be the final step of their marriage journey and it is now happening. Kanye has been struggling with mental illness for a while now. The two will be splitting their net worth which amounts to over $ 2 billion (Ksh 220 billion)



Laikipia Becomes The 11th County To Pass BBI. Only 1 County Rejected It So Far.

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  • Counties That Has Passed BBI.

Laikipia has become the latest county to pass the building bridges initiative (BBI). Only one county has rejected the bill in the whole country. Baringo became the first county to reject BBI in a highly chaotic Sitting last week. Police officers were forced to intervene throwing teargas in the parliament. This was a supremacy battle between Gideon Mon and Deputy President William Ruto. The bill now only needs 13 more counties to proceed to the next stage.

As per 18th Feb 2020, These are The counties that has passed the bill.

Red. Represents Counties passed While Orange Represents Counties Rejected 


Irungu Kang’ata Is No Longer The Senate Chief-Whip, Kimani Wamatangi Replaces Him

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Murang'a county senator Irungu Kang'ata has been dismissed as senate majority chief whip. This comes just a few days after he wrote a letter to the president regarding the BBI with media houses as the postal address. Irungu who recently diverted to became William Ruto's allies is among those facing the wrath of the Jubilee party. The Jubilee party has recently expelled 6 of its nominated senators including Isaac Mwaura and Millicent Omanga. This was confirmed by party secretary general Rafael Tuju. Although Tuju said that the letter that Kang'ata wrote was not the main reason, it seems otherwise. Irungu Kang'ata became the senate majority whip after Susan Kihika was dismissed late last year. 

"Kang'ata was among those who sat in a meeting to discuss the dismissal of Senator Susan Kihika as Majority chief whip, what's special in his case?" Rafael Tuju

Kang'ata and the rest will now feel the jubilee party wrath as others are also targeted to be expelled 

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura To Be Expelled From Jubilee Party

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Nominated Jubilee senator Isaac Mwaura is Facing a throw-out from his Jubilee party. Isaac Mwaura was sermoned by the party over allegations he supporting another party. Mwaura is a nominated senator representing people living with disabilities. According to the letter from the party, Mwaura declared his support for United Alliance Party (UDA) on 30th Dec 2020 where he publicly wore UDA branded materials. This is against the party's rules. According to him, he is still loyal to the party and his expulsion has been politicized.  

Isaac Mwaura addressing the media at an earlier event. Source: Google

Mwaura earlier was accused of vandalizing opposition leader Raila Odinga's rally at Githurai 45. Maura is said to have organized and paid hooligans to block Raila from speaking to residents in the area. On a video that was trending online, Mwaura was heard organizing on how youth will vandalize the rally.



Mike Sonko Taken To Court Under Very Tight Security.Police In Full Combat Uniform And Weapons

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  • Mike Sonko Arrested

Former Nairobi County governor Mike Sonko today 4th, Feb was taken to court under very tight security. Sonko is facing more than 10 count charges in court. Police who were heavily armed and in full combat unformed escorted the governor to Kahawa law courts where a hearing was scheduled. Sonko has been in police custody for the last 4 days after he was denied bail. Mike Sonko was sermoned by DCI after a video disrespecting the president started to tren online last week. "kuna mlevi mmoja huko sagana" "There is one drunkard in Sagana". he was then referring to His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta. He later played a video of the president from his phone. Mike Sonko was arrested the following day after that rally. 


Sonko has been dramatic in playing dirty politics. After he was elected in 2017 as Nairobi county governor, the deputy resigned six months later. He then staying without a deputy for 3 years even having been mandated to select one. He was later impeached by the county assembly and replaced by Ann Kananu. He is among politicians name in the list of hall of shame by NCIC. 

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Gospel Legendary Artist Daddy Owen Plans On Leaving The Country For Nigeria After Divorce

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Kenyan gospel artist Daddy Owen hints no leaving the country and relocating to Nigeria. Daddy Owen broke with his wife Farida Wambui. The celebrated artist shocked many Kenyans after revealing that his marriage was not working anymore and divorce was underway. He opened up about suffering from depression for the last couple of months. Owen is well known for his unique style of music that attracts a lot of youths. Speaking in an interview on Tuesday, February 2, he said that he might be saying goodbye to his Kenyans Fans. Emmy Kosgei, who is also a Kenyan artist residing in Nigeria currently invited him fearing his health might deteriorate. Their divorce case is still in court pending judgment.  



Tunataka Ruto. Chaos Arose As ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga Was Addressing Githurai Residents.

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  • Raila Odinga At Githurai 45
  • chaos at Githurai 45
  • BBI report Kenya
  • Today Githurai experienced chaos as ODM Party leader Raila Odinga was addressing the public. The chaos escalated as Deputy William Ruto supporters started chanting his name. Odinga was selling BBI to the public in the area. The two groups started confronting each other and eventually started throwing stones carelessly.  Raila Odinga was forced to leave the scene for his safety. The police of the area intervened and started firing teargas cans to dispersed angry youths and calm things down. Raila Odinga was later able to address them where he urged them to back the BBI report since it will create jobs among youths. Raila Odinga argued that the constitutional amendments are projected to improve the living standards among Kenyan people. His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to meet with M.t Kenya region leaders to discuss more about the BBI report. 



We Are Going Nowhere, Eric Omondi Tells NMS.


Eric Omondi Studios Shutdown. Omondi is the boss and founder of Big Tyme Entertainment. His studio which is located at Lavington was on Monday Shutdown by NMS. According to the comedian, the studio which was launched a few days ago was shut down for being located in a residential area.  This comes few days after he had a confrontation with KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua. However, He vowed not to relocate since he is no the only one running a business in that area. 

"So they say that this place is only meant for residentials but clearly from this video you can see there are more businesses than residents. WE SEEM TO BE A THREAT TO SOMEONE I DONT KNOW WHO. BUT MY MESSAGE IS CLEAR "HATUTOKI N'GOOO" Mkitaka mjinyonge." Eric Omondi wrote