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Entertainment Industry In Kenya Is So Wicked, The Likes Of Eric Omondi, Dj Mo and Bahati Should Man Up.

Kenyan artists and personality nowadays base their content on clout chasing. They do so only to scam internet user to view their content. This comes after Dj Mo faked their cheating and relationship issues to market their reality show (Dining with the Murray’s). This went ahead alright and a few days later controversial Sec-gospel Bahati and his older wife saw the chance and grabbed it. They faked their break up for more than a week just to support their new song. This did not go so well since most of their followers realized the trick and boycotted the video on youtube

cheza kama wewe by trio mio

Cheza Kama Wewe Hitmaker Trio Mio Photos Of Back To School Stir Hilarious Comments.

Trio Mio Kenya. 16 years old Trio Mio pictures has been trending on social media. This is after a picture of him on school uniform and shaved was posted on twitter. Trio Mio became so popular after his breakthrough in music industry. This comes after releasing the biggest tune of 2020 “cheza kama wewe”. This attracted big names into doing remix including Mejja

Why You Should Be Careful With Online Shopping This Holiday.

The first thing that you should consider is the size of the product ( especially items of clothing).The description is very important, this includes colour, size and design. The size matters a lot since it determines whether the cloth will fit you or not. The labeling is always either XL, XXL, or something closer to that. It is always advisable to go to a tailor or fashion designer to get your size measurements. No matter how good the clothes look if they are not of your size then that will be a waste. Few shopping sites allow product returns.