We All Know Who The Biggest Land Grabber In Kenya Is. Charity Ngilu Tirades Ruto.

  • Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu
  • William Ruto
  • Kalonzo Musyoka

Kitui governor has defended Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka. Kalonzo was accused by deputy president William Ruto of Land grabbing. According to DP Ruto, Kalonzo has done nothing during his 40 years of service in government. The only thing that he can be remembered for his grabbing land from the government where his residence sits. Ruto claims that the Yatta land belonged to the government before Kalonzo grabbing it. Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu defended Kalonzo Musyoka by revealing that Ruto is the biggest Land grabber in Kenya.  According to Ngilu, Ruto gave him headaches during the time she was C.S for land. Speaking to media at Manyenyoni Kutui county at youth camp, Ngilu claimed that Ruto was the most notorious land grabber during her tenure as C.S. 

“I saw the worst of Ruto while serving as CS for Lands, attempting to grab land belonging to poor children from Kibera slums knowing very well they do not have any other playground was too bad,” Ngilu said

“Trying to link him (Kalonzo) to land grabbing is ill-conceived because each and every Kenyan, even birds of the air know who the biggest land grabber in this country is,” she said. 

Kitui governor Charity Ngilu addressing the public.  source : twitter

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William Ruto has been accused on several counts of land grabbing. The most popular was the Lang’ata Primary School which the president had to intervene. He has also been accused of grabbing land where his Weston Hotel sits. This is among many other cases. 


New Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu To Appoint Mike Sonko As Deputy Governor?. Opinion

is Mike Sonko planning to continue controlling Nairobi County through Ann Kananu?.  Kananu was appointed by Mike Sonko a few days before his actual impeachment. Today Kananu officially took power from county speaker to become acting governor. She will now have the power to appoint her Deputy governor of choice who will later be vetted by MCAs. The big question is who will be appointed. This comes just three days after she took the oath of office as deputy governor. Many people compare her with the story of Simon Makonde who was born on Monday and died on Sunday. In a span of 4 days, Kananu has become governor from nowhere with no campaign or elections.

Governor  Kananu source :Twitter

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There Will Be No Elections In Nairobi, The State Has Decided. Ann Kananu Sworn In As Nairobi Deputy Governor

  • Ann Mwenda Kananu sworn is Nairobi deputy governor
  • She promised to uphold social ethics and integrity
  • MCA’s approved her. 

Kananu was appointed by former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko before impeachment. The Nairobi disaster management and coordination chief will now be their new Nairobi deputy governor. Kanani was today sworn in after court giving her a green light. Nairobi MCA also approved after a successful vetting. Kanani will serve as the deputy governor who will later become the governor. Nairobi Metropolitan boss Mohamed Badi also attended the event. Ann was sworn in at Kenyatta Internation Convension centre (kicc) COMESA ground today 15th 

“I today affirm my commitment to serve the people of Nairobi with dedication, discipline and integrity. I also commit to work and cooperate closely with NMS Director General Maj. Gen. Mohamed Badi and his team to ensure the transferred functions are further strengthened and supported to meet aspirations of the people of Nairobi,” Kananu said 

Mohammed Badi also promised to work closely with the newly sworn-in deputy governor 


newly sworn-in deputy governor Ann Kananu: source Twitter

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Uganda Elections 2021. An Early Lead For Museveni. Bobi Wine Trailing Behind

  • Uganda election 

Incumbent Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is allegedly leading with 63% of total votes counted so far. Bobi wine who is also contesting for the same position is trailing behind with 28%on the highly contested election. Boby wine at a press conference held earlier said he will reject the results. According to Bobi, He believes he is leading as opposed by the Ugandan election commission. The security in Uganda has been enforced by the military. The final results will be announced on Saturday. The 76 years old has been Ugandan president for 35 years. A lot of chaos were experienced during campaigns where Bobi Wine was arrested and his supporters detained. The election commission has asked Bobi to produce evidence on how the election has been rigged as he claims. The Ugandan government has blocked the internet and all social media networks. 

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NTSA Raises Driving Licence Exam Booking Fee From 650 to 1050.


  • NTSA raises service fee.
  • NTSA raises exam booking fees
  • How To Know If you passed NTSA Test
  • How To book For NTSA class Endorsement. 


Kenyans now will be forced to dig deeper in their pockets. This is after the National Transport and Safety Authority raised their various service fees. A person booking a driving test will now be required to pay Ksh 1050. Previously test booking was Ksh 650 only. NTSA which regulates road and safety in Kenya raised its fees without updating the general public. The common mwananchi will now be required to adjust to the new service fee amidst these difficult times.  NTSA raises service fee

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How To Know If You Passed For NTSA Test

Knowing whether you passed your NTSA driving license test is very easy. With the new NTSA TIMS system, you can check the status of your test very easily using your smartphone or a computer. visit Tims’s account after booking for your driving license test and successfully attending. In most cases, the police officer testing you will tell you in case you fail but there are times they will not tell. However, you might need to confirm the status online. Simply log in to your Tims account and navigate to the driving license tab. You will therefore see the status of your licenses. After successfully passing your exam, you will see your driving license number added on that tab and with the class indicated and driving license number. In case you don’t see that you will definitely know that you failed. Please note that NTSA driving test results might take up to 3-5 days before results are updated. 

How to rebook NTSA Driving license Test.

In case you find out that you failed your Driving Test, you don’t need to worry too much. You will go back to your driving school and do refreshment lessons and book for NTSA Test again. You will later visit the selected driving Test Unit (DTU) and retake your test and later follow the same process to check whether you passed. In most cases, if you fail on the testing board, you will probably not proceed to the vehicle test. That’s a clear indication that you have failed the test.  

How Apply For NTSA Driving class Endorsement In Kenya 2021

How Much is NTSA Driving class endorsement?

 At some time, you might need to add a different driving class in order to drive different types of automotive. You will therefore apply for another driving class by booking an endorsement. For an NTSA endorsement, you will pay Ksh 550 via their pay bill and after approval, you will then book for the Driving test and attend. upon successfully passing, your newly applied class will then be added to your smart driving license. 

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Ruto Is Not A Hustler, He Is Also A Dynasty. He is Better Being An Apposition Leader- Babu Owino.

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Hon. Babu Owino has alluded H.E William Ruto a dynasty. On a video shared on Channel 7 News E.A today morning, Babu Owino said that Ruto is more dynasty than Raila and Uhuru. According to Babu Owino, Ruto has been in government positions for more than 25 years. During the period of 2002 and 2007, he was minister for agriculture and was fired due to corruption. “The best role for William Ruto is being an opposition leader. He is among the corrupt people in Kenya” Babu added. He asked Kenya to support BBI since it will create more jobs and empower them. 

video source: youtube. 


Colleges Are For Fun… Elon Musk Becomes World Richest Person Surpassing Ksh 20Trillions

Tesla Motor Vehicle Company Boss Elon Musk overtakes AmazonsBoss Jeff Bezos to become world richest man. Elon Musk made it at the top after a surge in Tesla stocks by 5%. Musk is believed to have gained wealth equal to Bill gates in just 12 month ($132Billon).14 Trillion Kenyan Shillings. Tesla manufactured 499,550 vehicles in 2020. This is just 450 less their target. 

source : New York Times

The 49 years old own a group of companies including Tesla Mv, SpaceX, OpenAI and Neuralink among many others. He is believed to have a net worth of ($187Billion) this amounts to over 20Trillion Kenyan shillings. The South African and Canadian citizen who later gained USA citizenship in 2002 has ranked from 35th to 1st richest person in the world in just 1 year. 

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US President Donald Trump Barred From Using His Facebook And Twitter Account.



Incumbent US President Donald Trump has been barred from posting or commenting on Facebook. He currently has over 32 Million followers has been updating posts on his wall that is believed to trigger violence. This comes after his supporters stormed congress house on Thursday 7th January destroying properties. Facebook boss Marc Zuckerberg speaking on an event earlier stated that Trump continuing to post is a threat. He has been running the “STOP THE STEAL” campaign on social media with his post reaching massive followers. The engagement of his posts has been very high. However, the account will be reactivated after power transition which will happen later this month. 

Marc Zuckerberg say…

“We believe the risks of allowing the president to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great. Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete,” he said. 

source : politico.com


Donald Trump whose twitter account has over 85 Million followers has also been suspended and may face account closure. He is the second most followed person after former US president Barrack Obama. Almost all of his post on Twitter has been flagged and others taken down. According to a statement by Twitter the account has been violating their service policies and terms and hence suspending it for 12 hours. 


“Future violations of the Twitter Rules, including our civic Integrity or violent threats policies, will result in permanent suspension of the @realDonaldTrump account,” Twitter

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How To Apply For KRA PIN Kenya 2021

Applying for a KRA PIN in  Kenya nowadays is very easy. you dont need to visit any office. All you just need is your phone all laptop and an internet connection. Below is some simple instruction for you to follow.

Apply For KRA PIN. 


1.Use your phone or computer to visit Kra Website Here


 2.Click on the new pin registration tab

3. select taxpayer type as individual and mode of registration as online and click next


4. Fill the form accordingly and ensure you have a working email address.( its recommended to have a gmail account) 

5. remember to select your date of birth as it appears on your ID. Note: some id doesnt have day and month of birth, in such case use 1/7/—-.


6. If your are not employed select so on the next page. skip the agent page.


7. your pin will be downloaded after successful registration. A copy will also be stored in your email address where you can download later. 


That was simple right??.you now have your KRA PIN. Remember to keep it in a safe place since you register just once. HOW TO APPLY KRA PIN KENYA. 


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President Uhuru Kenyatta Receives a Call From Joe Biden- Promised To Work Together


US President-elect went ahead to thank Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. Joe Biden thank Uhuru Kenyatta after he wished him good health. This is after Joe Biden got injured late last month while playing with his dog. Joe Biden who won the presidential election against Incumbent Donald Trump earlier in November. Joe Biden managed to get 305 out of 538 electoral votes. Biden highlighted Climate change as one thing that he will help Kenya deal with. Joe Biden calls Uhuru to discuss security and climate change

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