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Anyone Opposing BBI Is Selfish. I Didnt Believe In It Untill I Read. Everything Is Good. William Kabogo

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Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has backed the building bridges initiative (BBI) as opposed to his earlier stand. A few weeks ago Kabogo was speaking to the congregation at Kiambu when he urged Kenyans to support the bill.  William Kabogo concluded that after reading the bill, he is confident to pass it since more money will be disbursed in counties.William Kabogo was speaking in an interview with a local radio station on March 4. Kabogo added that after reading the bill he realized that no political positions will be created to favour the current leaders. He now wants the M.t Kenya region to back the bill with full support if they want a brighter future.


William Kabogo addressing the public at a past event. photo source: Archive. 

BBI was launched by president Uhuru Kenyata and opposition leader Raila Odinga in 2018. This was at a time when the country was divided into two after the highly contested 2017 general elections. The bill is projected to allocate fore funds to county governments from the current 15% to 35%. Deputy President William Ruto has been on the frontline to oppose the bill. According to him, this is not the right time to do constitution amendments since there are more urgent issues that need to be addressed. The bill was passed unanimously in almost all county assemblies. However, most people believe MCA's were bribed to pass the bill since they were promised 2 million car grants. The bill has brought divisions in the ruling jubilee party with some members supporting president Kenyatta while others supporting D.P William Ruto. This has brought the birth of the UDA party.

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