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65 Year Old Kim Kardashian’s Mother Celebrates His Boyfriend Turning 40

65 years, Kris Jenner went ahead we on Instagram to celebrate her Boyfriend Corey Gamble who turned 40 years. Kris Jenner who is a media personality in the united states of America was very happy for him. He went ahead to explain how her boyfriend has been supportive of her family. The two lovebirds have been together since 2014 after Jenner Divorced her husband Bruce Jenner. The two were married for 26 years and had 3 children. Kris Jenner was also married to another man before (Robert Kardashian) and had another 3 children. The mother of six has been playing a huge role in the television series, Keeping up with the Kardashians since 2007. Kortney Kardashian 41yrs is her firstborn followed by Kim Kardashian 40years. Kris Jenner is a grandmother of 10. 

The Kardashians Net Worth.

the whole family of Kardashians has been acting in television series since 2007. their net worth is estimated to be over 7Billion US Dollars. Kim Kardashian is the richest among them all, she became famous after her sex video in 2002. no net worth is over 1Billion Us Dollars.