4 Reason Why Kenya Will Enter Into A Lockdown This Week

Lockdown in Kenya. Kenya may enter into a lockdown this week. According to the ministry of health, this month will be the worst. Due to the surge in cases, the government putting lockdown and curfew is that only option left. Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe yesterday hinted at president Uhuru Kenyatta locking the country this week. Kenya is yet to peak, as corona cases expected to raise up to over 2,000 cases per day. The Lockdown will be due to the second wave that has hit the country.

Kenya Lockdown Reason #1


Increased number of people gathering. people have been gathering on political rallies countrywide. This is one of the courses for the expected lockdown. The increased cases have been sighted to have come from political gatherings. The BBI initiatives and Deputy William Ruto rallies are the main targets to curb COVID-19.


Kenya Lockdown Reason #2


Another main reason for the expected lockdown is the lack of wearing masks. Kenyans lately have not been wearing masks. According to CS Mutahi Kagwe, Kenyans are now freely walking without masks. This also has increased the number of COVID-19 cases in Kenya. Kenya will be among countries that have lockdown after second wave hit.

Kenya Lockdown Reason #3


Social Distancing is another reason Kenya is expecting a Lockdown. President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to lock down the country this week. this week has been the worst since covid 19 was reported in Kenya. Kenya has lost over a hundred lives this week with over five thousand cases. The matatus and public gathering will be banned if a lockdown will be imposed. 


Kenya Lockdown Reason #4


Bars and Schools.since the school reopened there have been reported in several cases. According to Cs Maghoha, the schools will not be closed and the rest of the students may open very soon. Parents are worried since they are not sure whether the school is safer than at home. with the expected lockdown in Kenya, we might see schools closing again. Clubs and bars are also expected to be closed. The lockdown might be event strict than the first one. The patients in ICU have raised at an alarming rate. 


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